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Best Persuasive Speech Topics

The best persuasive speech topics allow writers to create high-quality persuasive speeches. A good topic is always relevant, engaging, and informative. For some students, it may be pretty difficult to find a good topic as they may lack interesting ideas. If you experience such a problem, you have to read our guide as it will provide you with a list of actual ideas for creating persuasive speeches.

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In addition to the list of best persuasive speech topics, we will also provide you with efficient tips and suggestions on what aspects to consider when choosing a topic. 
An exciting and thoughtful speech greatly depends on the topic chosen. A boring or confusing topic will make your target audiences lose interest in what you are saying. However, if you manage to find a good topic, research it thoroughly, and investigate it from different perspectives, you will be able to give a wonderful speech that will bring you the anticipated outcome. When giving their speeches, students have to demonstrate their expertise and skills. If you have to create a speech, you need to do your best to choose a good subject to work with.

What Makes an Impressive Persuasive Speech Topic?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good speech different from a brilliant one? Of course, there are many aspects. Yet, the topic choice is the most important one. Below, you will find several issues to consider when selecting a topic for your oration.

  • You have to be interested in the subject. The most important thing you need to know about choosing the subject is that you have to be interested in its studying. When you are interested in your topic, you will carry out in-depth research. When studying various sources related to your topic, you will choose the most credible and relevant ones. What is more, such a topic will help you speak confidently and passionately in front of your audience.
  • You need to care about this topic. By choosing a topic you are passionate about, you will be able to convince your listeners that the problem is really important. If they understand why it matters, they will respond to your call to action.
  • The topic ought not to be overused. If you choose a topic that was already investigated in public speeches many times, you won`t be able to bring something new to the discussion. Thus, the chances are high that your target audience will get bored.

We want you to know that the best persuasive speech topics are always engaging and thought-provoking. If you choose a good topic and create an unforgettable speech, you will reach the desired outcome.

Tips for Writing a Perfect Speech

To write a good speech, it is not enough to have fresh and innovative ideas. You need to develop them in a logical order, support your arguments with appropriate pieces of evidence, and consider many other points. The best speech topics will always appeal to the emotions of the listeners.

To create a good-looking speech, you need to follow the suggestions provided below:

  1. Structure. When giving a speech, it is necessary to develop your ideas in a logical order. When jumping from one idea to another without appropriate transitions, you will confuse your reader, which will fail. To bring you a good outcome, your speech is to be written in a way that will enable your listeners to keep track of your ideas. To make your ideas organized properly, you need to create an outline. Having a good plan, you will be able to avoid including irrelevant information in your notes;
  2. Vocabulary. When working on your speech, you need to consider who your target audience will be. This understanding will help you choose appropriate vocabulary. If your target audience consists of people, who are not specializing in your topic, you will need to explain all the terms and concepts that may be not familiar to them. This means that the complexity of the words you use ought to match the expertise of your audiences;
  3. Accurate ideas. It may be pretty tempting to add interesting details to captivate the attention of your audience. Yet, you have to understand that your speech is to include ideas that are relevant to the subject under investigation;
  4. Examples. No matter what arguments you are providing in your speech, you need to support all of them with appropriate examples. It will convince your audience that you know the subject well. If you manage to provide examples that will add an emotional edge to your speech, you will greatly increase your chances to get a satisfactory outcome;
  5. Length. A very long speech will be too boring for the audience. If you check the speeches delivered by famous people, you will see that they are very short and precise. The art of speech writing implies the ability to tell important things within a limited word count. We assure you that your audience does not want to spend much time listening to repeated ideas. 

To sum up, creating a good speech requires a great amount of time and energy. You may need to spend a couple of hours or even days choosing the best persuasive speech topics for your oration. All in all, a good subject will enable you to express your ideas freely and confidently.

Find Our List of the Best Speech Topics

A good speech is a combination of meticulous research and your thoughts. Although you may use some good speeches for boosting your writing inspiration, you ought not to copy-paste any ideas from outside sources.

If you are unsure what ideas are the most appropriate for persuasive speeches, you may find the list of the best persuasive speech topics below:

  1. Children should be allowed to select subjects to study;
  2. Rote learning: Pros and cons;
  3. Should children be allowed to use mobile phone applications in school?
  4. Is independent learning an option in high school?
  5. Can the grades be considered an accurate representation of learning?
  6. Classes about mental health should be added to the school curriculum;
  7. All schools should have a canteen;
  8. What are the essential advantages of co-education?
  9. Do you agree that there should be the same grading system for all students?
  10. All schools should utilize the metric system;
  11. Should wearing school uniforms be a question for discussion?
  12. What are the main benefits of teaching music and art classes in high school?
  13. Discuss the main shortcomings of year-round schools;
  14. Advanced math classes should be replaced with more practical courses;
  15. What book would you suggest to read to every US student?
  16. Discuss the role of charter schools for low-income communities;
  17. Smart classes for students. Main shortcomings;
  18. Is doing homework an investment in the future?
  19. Should high-school students learn financial literacy and understand taxes?
  20. Pros and cons of homeschooling;
  21. What books should be banned from schools?
  22. In what way can children with the Autism spectrum be integrated into regular classrooms?
  23. Suggest some ways to improve the level of sex education;
  24. All schools should receive an equal amount of funding from the state;
  25. Are day schools the best option?

Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The problem of climate change should be investigated more thoroughly;
  2. How to solve the problem of deforestation?
  3. The global warming problem is the biggest problem of the 21st century;
  4. Disaster management and main ways of its development;
  5. How to solve the water problem in African countries?
  6. Water pollution: discuss the role of large organizations;
  7. The role of the United States in addressing the problem of waste management;
  8. The importance of World Environment Day;
  9. Analyze the main factors of air pollution;
  10. How people can address the environmental problems in their everyday lives?

Best Topics for Informative Speech

  1. Should the usage of self-driving cars be forbidden?
  2. Organ donation should be optional;
  3. The government should develop stricter regulations on Internet usage;
  4. Do you agree that the benefits of the internet outweigh the loss of privacy?
  5. Artificial intelligence is a serious threat that cannot be underestimated;
  6. Parents should be able to alter their children’s genes scientifically;
  7. Animal testing should be allowed;
  8. Selling consumers’ information is unethical
  9. Should military forces be allowed to use drones in warfare?
  10. Renewable energy: Pros and cons.

Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. How to speak confidently?
  2. Can exam results determine the expertise?
  3. Discuss the main ways to overcome exam fever;
  4. Schools should have longer recess time;
  5. What is the best age to purchase a mobile phone?
  6. Video games do not cause aggression;
  7. Swimming lessons should be mandatory in schools;
  8. Pros and cons of E-books;
  9. How to overcome a phobia?
  10. What is so great about traveling?

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Diamonds are not girls` best friends;
  2. What cartoon should be recommended to all parents and why?
  3. Books vs. films;
  4. Music has the power to heal;
  5. Smokers have good communication skills;
  6. All children should believe in Santa;
  7. The incredible popularity of K-Pop.

We do hope that our best informative speech topics will help you create amazing speeches. If you are unsure how to cope with your project, you can always outsource this task to our professional writers. The result of our work will impress you!